Fitscarf&Co Story

TTasha & Tara were classmates and have gone a long way together. The were always casually in touch over the years as each was busy with kids, work, life etc

The story of FITSCARF begins when Tasha 1st decided to start doing something about her doctor’s warning on her health issue that she needed to lose weight. Tasha started joining a team workout group & started to lose weight & invited Tara to join her.

They then started their fitness activities by going hiking, running, team workout etc and were enjoying every bit of it.

FITSCARF came about when Tasha always had migrane after their activities and found out that it was the hijab that she wears during workout the she needs to gives attention tu. Tasha started buying sports hijab from various brands but none of it really satisfy her. At that point Tasha started pursuing her fitness education, took her certification to become a Certified Fitness Coach.

One day as they were doing their morning hike, the idea of FITSCARF came about when they were throwing ideas about what specifications sports hijab should have. They were excited as Tasha felt that she should also be advising her trainees to wear comfortable gears & attire during workout.

At the same time, Tara is very much involve in the Insurance Industries & always providing her clients “Corporate Wellness Programs” that would also be suitable to benefit them with FITSCARF.

Started in 2016, with just a small dream which is to be able to provide comfortable hijab for sports, workouts... FITSCARF receives feedbacks that it is also suitable for travel & casual wear.

Tasha & Tara put their love & passion in designing FITSCARF, endless prototypes is produce before they say YES to any design/series.

FITScarf&Co has now grown to be a solution for Muslimah Wear.